Czech Pilz After Two Weeks Lagering

One of the hardest things a home brewer has to endure is the lagering process.  Yes, there are methods to speed up the process and accelerated schedules but I am a traditionalist.  Everything I do takes way to long and is over complicated.  Thats just how I roll.

So I'm two weeks in to lagering my Czech premium lager and of course I can't stand it any longer, so I pulled about a liter and force carbonated it in a PET bottle at 30 psi..  I used a stainless steel carbonating cap I got from Brewhardware because they are awesome and have all the cool gadgets you need to feed your brewing obsession.

I gently rocked the bottle back and forth for 7 or 8 minutes and called it good.  It poured with a nice foamy white head that lasted forever and was very clear.  The aroma was appropriate for the style, rich and bready with a medium spicy / floral hop character but a little underwhelming due to the fact, I think, that it was slightly undercarbonated.

The flavor was spot on with no obvious flaws.  For you Chicago natives think a fresher premium version of Old Style with more body, flavor, and alcohol.

Any way, I can't wait for this to finish.  4 more weeks I'm guessing then about a month of yummy deliciousness.   


Brewers Association Founder Charlie Papazian Announces Retirement

Brewers Association Founder Charlie Papazian Announces Retirement

Papazian announces his retirement from the Brewers Association

Craft beer revolution defies trend toward industry consolidation

What is there not to like about more craft breweries, more brewery jobs, and greater variety of better beer?  This is a great article from the Atlantic about the success of the craft beer industry.  It would be nice if the article talked about the increasing number of craft breweries selling out to AB Inbev and Miller Coors.



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