Czech Pilz After Two Weeks Lagering

One of the hardest things a home brewer has to endure is the lagering process.  Yes, there are methods to speed up the process and accelerated schedules but I am a traditionalist.  Everything I do takes way to long and is over complicated.  Thats just how I roll.

So I'm two weeks in to lagering my Czech premium lager and of course I can't stand it any longer, so I pulled about a liter and force carbonated it in a PET bottle at 30 psi..  I used a stainless steel carbonating cap I got from Brewhardware because they are awesome and have all the cool gadgets you need to feed your brewing obsession.

I gently rocked the bottle back and forth for 7 or 8 minutes and called it good.  It poured with a nice foamy white head that lasted forever and was very clear.  The aroma was appropriate for the style, rich and bready with a medium spicy / floral hop character but a little underwhelming due to the fact, I think, that it was slightly undercarbonated.

The flavor was spot on with no obvious flaws.  For you Chicago natives think a fresher premium version of Old Style with more body, flavor, and alcohol.

Any way, I can't wait for this to finish.  4 more weeks I'm guessing then about a month of yummy deliciousness.